Go away Kate Garraway*

Breaking news: a woman’s fertility diminishes with age. 

Luckily we have a new campaign fronted by Kate Garraway to tell us all about this.

But hang on, that’s not news at all, is it?

According to a Telegraph article “a survey by First Response Early Result Pregnancy, which has launched the campaign on fertility, found two fifths of women of child-bearing age (18 to 46) would delay having a baby to sort their finances out, and a third blame the lack of the right partner. Over a third say the cost of childcare puts them off having a baby or another child”

Are these not all valid and very responsible family planning considerations – for both women and men?

Maybe we could spend a little more time discussing better childcare provision and affordable housing options, and a little less time patronising women.


*I have nothing against Kate Garraway per se. But if this was a public health awareness raising campaign aimed at highlighting the risks and difficulties associated with conceiving a child at a later age…  this…did we need this?

No. And this is why I think Kate Garraway should go away.