Oodles of sexism in Victoria Square

Oodles of sexism in Victoria Square

Last week some folk in Brum tweeted a photo of the Pot Noodle promotional campaign that popped up in Victoria Square (a prominent square in Birmingham that sits by the Council House, the Museum and Art Gallery, public Library and the Town Hall). I was very disappointed to see that such a blatantly sexist advertisement campaign was allowed to appear in Victoria Square – and tweeted to Birmingham City Council, who invited me to complain formally. Here is the photo: 

Nice huh?

One charming Twitter user took issue with me tweeting this image and describing it as an example of #everydaysexism. He told me my ‘crusade against objectification was idiotic’. I hadn’t until then realised I was on a ‘crusade against objectification’. But I suppose I am, and I am quite happy with that.

I thought I would share his complaints with you, as an amusing example of when anti-feminists totally, nay epically, fail at reductio ad absurdum.

me (to the politicsinbrum twitter account) : have you seen this example of #everydaysexism in #victoriasquare? [pic of potnoodle ad]

@unsubtletone: “If you are against the sexualisation of men and women, do you want reproduction in test tubes only?”

@unsubtletone: “Partners objectify each other before and during sex. They’re not thinking of intellect or personality. Ban it.”