David Cameron is the biggest tit in my newspaper.


I felt the need to make an addendum to my blog of last Sunday.

In my post I tentatively suggested the tide was changing. I questioned whether The Sun would dare to mock Caroline Lucas in the way they had done Clare Short a few years ago.

The Sun, as far as I can tell, has stayed quiet on the subject.

But maybe I should have been more worried about how Caroline Lucas would be treated in the House of Commons, by some of her fellow Members of Parliament. And not just any old MPs. David Cameron. Our Prime Minister.



After DC’s disdainful, patronising and mocking response to Caroline’s question on whether  he would join her in seeking to remove The Sun (while it contains images of topless women on page 3) from the parliamentary estate given the Government’s own research shows a link between sexual objectification of women in the media and the acceptance of harassment and violence against women in society…I have come to one conclusion:

David Cameron. You are the biggest tit in my newspaper.