Women are much more than sex objects, and O2 can do much better than The Sun.

O2’s strapline is ‘Be More’. Women are much more than sex objects, and O2 can do much better than The Sun.

An email to the CEO of O2, about his decision to partner with The Sun.

Dear Mr. Dunne,

 I have been a loyal O2 customer for the whole of my adult life, so far. Generally speaking I have had a good experience with O2. In fact, because of this I renewed my phone contract with O2 just a few weeks ago.
However,  I feel compelled to write to you to express my utter disappointment at your decision to partner with The Sun newspaper for the ‘Sun+’ deal. 
I understand that this deal is primarily aimed at providing O2 customers with good football coverage. As a (somewhat despondent and lapsed) Villa supporter I appreciate how important football is to many of your customers. 
But The Sun is known for two things:  good sports coverage, and outdated, embarrassing, awful sexism. I’m afraid that by partnering with The Sun, you are – I’m sure unintentionally – condoning the latter. 
As a media savvy individual (I understand you are a Non-Exec Director Guardian Media Group) you will no doubt be aware of the growing and passionate No More Page Three campaign. But in case this has passed you by, let me catch you up:
-Featuring topless women on page three is very sexist. The Sun is a very sexist newspaper. More on why topless women in newspapers is sexist here: http://nomorepage3.org/faqs/ 
-The NMP3 campaign is asking your business partner David Dinsmore to stop featuring a topless women in his newspaper. 
– In case you’ve heard otherwise, the campaign is not seeking a ban or any legislation to end page 3.
-The campaign has a petition, if you’d like to sign it it’s here: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/david-dinsmore-take-the-bare-boobs-out-of-the-sun-nomorepage3
I’ve already spoken at length to a very friendly advisor working for O2 about this, but I wanted you, as CEO of Telefonica UK, to know that now I really regret renewing my contract with O2. If I had known your plans to partner with David Dinsmore I would have left O2. When my contract is up I will leave O2, and this is directly as a result of your association with The Sun. 
O2’s strapline is ‘Be More’. I hope you agree that women are much much more than sex objects, and that O2 can do much much better than The Sun.
I’d really appreciate an acknowledgement of the safe receipt of this email, and a reply if you have the time. 
Yours sincerely,
Lizzy Woodfield
O2 customer and passionate supporter of the No More Page Three Campaign.



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