An open letter to David Dinsmore

Dear David,

To land the job as editor of The Sun I suspect you must be relatively savvy. You know a thing or two about how to market a product. You know all about consumer behaviour, I’m sure. I think it goes without saying that you know the adverts in your newspaper play a role in influencing your readership- what we choose to buy, eat, and drink. Where we spend our weekends. Where we go on holiday. This is just advertising 101, right?

But the biggest advert in your newspaper is found on page three, and David, it sells the idea that women are sexually available. I’m afraid that it sells the idea that women are to be laughed at, and gawked at. Compared against each other. Rated. And hated. And dare I say it, David? Masturbated over.

I am just not OK with that. And I don’t think you are either, not really.

I kindly request that you reconsider whether or not you are comfortable with the implications of advertising bare-breasted young women on page three of your newspaper.

Yours sincerely,

Lizzy Woodfield. 


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