21st Century Suffragettes

I enjoyed reading this Guardian piece –  Twenty-first century suffragettes: what would you fight for now?

Emily Davison

There are too many issues to choose from (many of them raised in this Guardian piece), but if I were a Suffragette today one of the things I would fight for is the right for girls and women to be able to walk to school, work, travel on public transport, and to go out with their friends without fear of being intimidated, sexually harassed, and assaulted.

This is a real problem and it isn’t trivial.

Just a couple examples from my own experience that have particularly stayed with me – in the last couple of years: a stranger has exposed himself to me in a club; a man has masturbated in the street in front of me; and a man has tried (and maybe succeeded, I don’t know) to take a photograph up my skirt while we were both waiting alone at a bus stop.

You only have to look at the daily accounts from girls and women on the Everydaysexism website  for proof that this is something worth fighting for.


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