Go away Kate Garraway*

Breaking news: a woman’s fertility diminishes with age. 

Luckily we have a new campaign fronted by Kate Garraway to tell us all about this.

But hang on, that’s not news at all, is it?

According to a Telegraph article “a survey by First Response Early Result Pregnancy, which has launched the campaign on fertility, found two fifths of women of child-bearing age (18 to 46) would delay having a baby to sort their finances out, and a third blame the lack of the right partner. Over a third say the cost of childcare puts them off having a baby or another child”

Are these not all valid and very responsible family planning considerations – for both women and men?

Maybe we could spend a little more time discussing better childcare provision and affordable housing options, and a little less time patronising women.


*I have nothing against Kate Garraway per se. But if this was a public health awareness raising campaign aimed at highlighting the risks and difficulties associated with conceiving a child at a later age…  this…did we need this?

No. And this is why I think Kate Garraway should go away.


2 thoughts on “Go away Kate Garraway*

  1. I heard her talking about this on the radio. She was up against a sensible woman pointing out that there are also many risks associated with men having children late in life. But does this get a mention? To me it feels like women are somehow being demonised for putting off having children (as you say, for very good reasons) but surely fertility and child bearing are entirely joint issues and decisions between a couple?

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